Deluxe Parking/Storage

Our Deluxe units are individually partitioned spaces available in widths of 14’, 16’, 17’, 17.5’, 19’ and 35’ with depths of 48’ or 50’. All units 17’ and wider have 3’ wide man doors and 12’ or 14’ wide garage doors. These units are ideal for the RV or boat owner who desires the additional privacy and amenities included with these units. Small business owners will find these units lend themselves to parking service vehicles and storing equipment and materials.
  • 20 or 30-amp electric outlet (electric usage included)
  • Skylight and motion sensor lighting
  • Automatic garage door opener with remote
  • Individually partitioned space with a 14’ tall overhead garage door
  • A pressure wash station
  • Handicap accessible restrooms
  • Mop sink, drinking fountains and hose bib for potable water
  • Exterior security camera monitoring throughout
  • Security fencing, lighting and gate with individual access codes and 24/7 access
  • Concrete aprons and drive lane with 70’ between buildings
  • WiFi

Storage in Beavercreek, OH
Storage in Beavercreek, OH